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Application Form for Singer

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Application Form for Singer

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:05 pm

Hier findet ihr die Bewerbungsvorlage für eure Bewerbungen als Sänger/innen!

- You should have a good microphone!
- You should be a team player!
- You should be able to start and plan projects!
- You should be active!

General Stuff
Stagename -
Age -
Birthday -
YouTube-Channel/Soundcloud/whatever -
Skype-Name -
Strengths -
Weaknesses -
Why do you apply? -

Application Files
japanese cover -
english/german cover - (german cover only if you speak german)
Acapella - (just a 0:30 sample of your voice without instrumentals and without effects)

We try to answer as soon as possible! We'll contact you via skype! So please stay tuned!

~ Good luck!   ~


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